Have you ever wanted to improve your skills at the joust as well as mounted combat? Mini Gulf's creation was part in due to the cancellation of Gulf Wars as well as a desire to build up the strength of the Midrealm cavalry.
Friday, Nov 12--- 10:00 am 
Focus on group games and mini clinics learning the skills needed to be competitive at SCA Equestrian Games. 

Saturday -- Games and training will continue.

Sunday -- Tournaments!  
 For those that wish to play games as well fear not, as we are planning to run some tourchlight tourneys in tippet tag bushkazi or daiku.


This event will be canceled if we do not have enough registrations to cover the event site by October 30th. Register using the SCA SCARs database.  You do not need to be an SCA member to create an account. 

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization devoted to bringing the Middle Ages and Renaissance to life through research and re-enactment, and employing their knowledge of history to enrich their lives and the lives of others.  With over 50,000 participants worldwide, the SCA is one of largest living history societies in the world. All attendees are requested to participate in the spirit of the SCE--with pre-17th century costumes.  Please reach out on the Facebook discussion group if you have any questions. 

COVID Precautions: 
The SCA requires proof of COVID vaccine or negative test within 72 hours for all attendees.  More information on SCA requirements are listed here. Please don't plan to attend if you are not willing to adhere to SCA policies.  

Equine Health Precautions: 
Equines living in Kentucky are required to have an annual proof of negative coggins and a health certificate. Equines traveling to KY from other states need annual proof of negative coggins and a 30 health certificate.  

A more detailed schedule will be posted soon.  

Event Steward: 
CuMhara o'Holyhead MKA Elizabeth Kopras
text 5132933316

Discussion can be found on the Facebook event page

Midrealm Equestrian Handbook--rules 


Event fees: 

$10 adults

$40 Equines

Children free

This event will be cancelled if we do not have 25 registrations by October 30th. 

Camping and stall fees arranged with KY Cowtown Arena